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Welcome to the RAPACs' Industry Convenors homepage

Convenors are industry-nominated volunteers who give their time and expertise to represent Australia's aviation participants through consultation, advocacy and recommendations to CASA, Airservices Australia, Department of Defence, and the Bureau of Meteorology.

RAPACs have been in existence for almost four decades. They deal with all things airspace and procedures. At last count there were more than 500 people registered as RAPAC members.

There are 11 RAPACs around Australia, with one Industry Convenor per RAPAC. All Convenors are licensed pilots and directly involved in Australian aviation none are office-based Canberra bureaucrats.

Most RAPACs meet two or three times a year at a centre of aviation activity. Meetings are chaired and administered by CASA staff*, with representatives from Airservices, DoD, and BoM presenting, available to answer questions, and solve aviation problems. Industry Convenors attend to ensure all issues raised get a fair hearing.

Between meetings, urgent or non-controversial issues can be canvassed by email consultation to and from registered RAPAC members. Matters can often be solved before the next meeting.

Convenors provide a conduit for sharing information with aviators and operators in their RAPAC area.  They also contribute to projects of national coverage.

*Venue hire costs are paid for by CASA for which we express our appreciation


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The following members of the aviation community are the current Industry Convenors for their respective RAPAC areas:

Northern Territory Ron Lawford
Queensland north vacant: nominations invited  more info on North QLD
Queensland south Peter Stephenson
New South Wales Grahame Hill
Australian Capital Territory John Hogan
Victoria Brian Hannan
Tasmania David Swiggs
South Australia Geoff Wood
Western Australia south Alwyn Adkins
Western Australia northwest Maude Telfer
Western Australia northeast Leigh Rawlings

Convenors represent their area's aviation industry "without prejudice" as per the RAPAC Terms of Reference.


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Join the discussion. Stay informed. Become a registered member of your nearest RAPAC, even if you can't make it to a meeting. It costs nothing to be a RAPAC member!

At the present time, the membership lists for RAPAC members are maintained by the RAPAC Secretariat in CASA's Canberra office.  To join one or more RAPACs, simply send your email address to rapac@casa.gov.au and convenors@rapac.org.au nominating which RAPAC(s) is closest to where you live and/or fly please refer to the area list above.

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